Our clients tell us that we stand out from the crowd because of our experience, perspective and approach. We’re not theorists. We’ve worked in the trenches. With deep experience in operations, project management, customer service and human resources – we’ve worked the front line. We’ve been middle managers. And we’ve shouldered the weight of executive leadership.


We understand that results drive organizations and that people drive results – and that there is a delicate balance between the two that needs to be managed.


Industry standards lead to average performance – and that’s not good enough. By researching best practices and exploring alternatives we help clients arrive at truly original answers to their needs – answers that focus on practical solutions.


We’re not interested in racking up consulting hours or building our own office in the executive wing. Our intention is to help our clients increase their own capacity and achieve exceptional results – even after we’re gone. We’re short-termers that work with organizations to achieve long-term results.


We know that many consultants fail their clients when they tell them what they want to hear. The Meyvn Group believes that the best way to serve our clients is to challenge their beliefs and assumptions, expand their thinking – and help them take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. The end result may not mirror the utopia described in the multitude of business books – but it will allow the organization to move forward and be stronger today than they were yesterday. And ultimately – that’s what makes a great organization.

let us cook up a solution for you

Whether you need a custom training program, a course-driven initiative, or a full change-management strategy, contact us today.