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Would you rather eat a meal with someone who “holds court” the whole time, or someone who sparks great conversation around the table? At The Meyvn Group, we know that people learn best when they’re participating in stimulating discussion, sharing experiences, and developing their own intentions of change.

That’s why our training programs focus on facilitation—where our leaders ask the right questions to stimulate fresh thinking and ensure that each participant walks away with new, applicable skills.

Don’t expect a PowerPoint presentation from the pros at The Meyvn Group. Our master facilitators design programs that engage adult learners and encourage them to:

  • Speak their minds
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Consider options
  • Weigh risks
  • Push through roadblocks
  • Make sound decisions

Signature Programs

These Meyvn Group exclusive programs have been developed by our experts and can be tailored to your company’s needs.     

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Essential Offerings

Sometimes the time is right for a certain topic. That’s why we created Essential Offerings.

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Non- Profit Offerings 

We can help non-profit organizations address their unique needs.  

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Have a unique situation? We can create a custom program just for you.